Stay Proactive vs. Reactive

Stay Informed

When trusting a firm with your investment property, quality service is very important. Tribond Property Management ensures open communication with the owner every step of the way and encourages them to be as involved as they would like. We will always inform you when inspections take place, when repairs are required, when evictions plan to take place, and before a new candidate is approved.  Always maintaining open communication every step of the way by providing monthly statements, comprehensive financial reports, photos and maintenance reports.

Saving Time and Money

Managing investment properties is a 24/7 business and taking after hour calls is part of the job. We have a maintenance team available around the clock who are dispatched in the event of an after-hours emergency at your property. Once the maintenance team has stabilized the problem, a follow up call takes place during regular business hours. We always try to be proactive in the maintenance of your home and respond promptly to tenant concerns to avoid larger maintenance concerns in the future. We have close relationships with every trade professional in the city which means we can take care of problems promptly.   Tribond Property Management always tries to get you the best quality professionals for the best price and we do not upcharge on their labor costs. If an owner prefers to do repairs on their own, we are happy to coordinate this with tenants.        

Rely on Professional Expertise

Over quarter-million square feet of properties managed in the City of Kingston and surrounding areas, owners trust Tribond Property Management to manage their single family and multi-unit properties.

Being a landlord is a big responsibility and a 24 hour job.  Not only marketing to find the right candidate who will pay rent on time and stay long term, working through evictions and troublesome tenants, LTB legal issues and how to get more from your property is how Tribond Property Management can save you money and avoid costly mistakes.

Residential property management is very rewarding but can be difficult.  Whether you own one home or a large portfolio, you can trust Tribond Property Management to offer the expertise you need every step of the way.

Get Professional Prices & Guarantees

The cost of property management is worth the price, avoiding common mistakes and placing quality tenants in your home faster. Our prices are fair and transparent with no hidden fees. In addition, management fees can be written off as an expense for tax purposes.